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Training for One or an Entire Team or anything in-between!

We will send a Trainer To YOU!






-Strength Training


-Speed and Agility

-Weight Training/Lifting

-Weight Gain/Loss



Training Fees

Each Session is approximately 1 hour (may be longer depending on class size and needs of the class)

-$50.00 per session 1-3 People

-Small Group Training  $80.00 per session- 4 to 8 people

-Mid- Size Group Training $150 per session - 9-15 People

-Large Group Training $300 per group:  16-30 people

-Custom Group: Anything larger than 30 people - we will customize a price for you

We do not have our own training facility.

Training may be conducted at a location that you provide.

We will send a trainer to you!  

Please contact Rachel Joseph schedule your group today!  

724-681-4401 call or text